Resso Mod Apk latest v3.7.4 (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Download Free for Android 2024.


Resso mode apk 

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V 3.7.5


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Moon Video Inc.



Resso Mod APK is a moded version of Resso premium APK in which you can enjoy music free of cost. The latest version of this app provides free all unlocked premium features. Download the Resso mode APK premium app on your Android phones; then you can dip into the music world and enjoy all premium unlocked features.

resso mod apk

Resso app is an amazing internet music streaming app. People can enjoy and listen to all types of music every day. There are also more music apps that exist in the world such as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, etc but this app is better than all of them. This mode APK file was launched by a music streaming app. 

This app allows people to enjoy and listen to songs and music, and they can also listen to their favourite radio podcasts to access radio stations. In this app, people also can sing and upload their songs on this moon video platform. There is a comment section in which users can share their opinions after listening to a song or music. 

you can also use all premium features provided by Resso in premium mode. You can use it and enjoy all premium features for free.

This app is made to be used a lot and for a long time.  You do not have to keep installing again and again.

The latest version of Resso mode APK gives all premium features unlocked,

  • Ad-free music
  • High-quality music
  • Offline Listening
  • Complete Music Library with 50M tracks
  • Unlimited skips

Just click the download button on your screen to enjoy all these features. 

resso mod apk 1

About Resso mod APK

Today in the world it is not difficult to find some wonderful music apps such as Spotify, Pandora, Deezerr, etc, but Resso mod APK is always chosen by their amazing unlocked premium features. “Resso app” is a music streaming app published by Video Moon Inc. and is more popular in India with its amazing features. In this app, people can especially earn cash,  but other apps still need this feature.

People can enjoy unlimited songs and music with wonderful lyrics in a fraction of a second. The most important feature is the developed music community for you to freely connect with other music lovers. you will feel free and share your thoughts and communicate with fans of music all over the world.

The latest version of the Resso mod app is in 2024

According to this month’s announcement latest version of Resso, some features and updates are the following:

  • Some various bugs are fixed.
  • Performance improvement.

What is the Resso premium apk?

Resso APK is a paid music app with some premium features but its mode is Resso premium mode APK in which all premium features are unlocked. You can enjoy and listen to your favourite music and songs without paying any fee. In the Resso you can get the latest tracks of the week and monthly with worldwide famous musicians and artists.

In this app, you can listen to songs in different languages and dip into the lyrics of music. These amazing lyrics of a song with a song playlist you can share with your best friend.

Besides its Bluetooth potentiality, this device also facilitates wireless audio streaming. The Resso App offers many professional choices for music lovers, and it’s important to observe some notable benefits before deciding to download the application.

  • Enjoy cost-free music.
  • There are no charges related to utilizing the app.

Resso mode APK premium unlocked

Resso was launched in April 2020 by Bytedance as a competitor of the most popular social media TikTok company.

We also know that music is very necessary today in the world. Many people want to listen to music without extra work. you can enjoy maximum music because it acts as a therapy for some people. But, some people want to enjoy music during domestic work, walking, gardening, and more.

Its free version is compact; if you want to get its premium features, you need to download the Resso premium app and enjoy it. Resso mode app is an unlocked premium app in which you can enjoy music and watch videos free on the Moon platform without ads and disturbance. 

Hotest unlocked Premium features of APK.

  • Download Your Favorite Songs.
  • You can enjoy a playlist with unlimited songs.
  • Ad-free app.
  • Listen to high-quality songs with amazing lyrics. our Favorite songs.
  • Maximum music of the world is present in this app.
  • Upload your songs on this platform.

Outlines of Resso

Resso music app is a worldwide famous app, and users use it friendly. In this app you have money making, and uploading your songs and video features are available. You can enjoy music with different tracks and with many more features. 

All Features of Resso Premium Mod APK 

You can use some wonderful features in the Resso premium unlocked APK and enjoy music and songs. some features are the following:

Interesting music library

The music library of this app is very large and interesting with premium unlocked features. Android users can enjoy music online and offline with free features. You can easily search for any new and old songs with unlocked features.

Lyrics synchronization

When users play music on this app they also see lyrics synchronization displayed on the screen of the device. People also see lyrics synchronization when they sing the song screen of the device.
People can enjoy the  lyrics synchronization of songs with heart.

Recommended songs:

The Resso music app can also recommend the most popular songs for you in the playlist. You should not search for amazing songs because Resso provides all the popular songs in the world. You should enjoy the maximum number of music and songs on this app.

Unlimited music:

When users play music on this app they also see lyrics synchronization displayed on the screen of the device. People also see lyrics synchronization when they sing the song screen of the device. People can enjoy the  lyrics synchronization of songs with heart.

Listen to radio

With music and songs, you can also play radio on the Resso app. People Can also listen to their favorite Jackys and programs on the channels of radio. On the radio, you can also enjoy songs according to your taste. Radio programs never bore users.


Users use Resso app-friendly and all modded looks of app appearance on screen. People easily search songs with modded features and the color of an app can change easily. You can enable and disable dark mode, especially at night. Adjustment of colors increases your visual experience.

Make playlist:

In this app, you can also make your favorite song playlist. So you can divide liking songs in one place. After creating a playlist you can enjoy your favorite artist songs but also share your favorite songs together. More than that, you can also see other music communities copy playlists and enjoy songs.

Resso as music guru 

Let me tell you all that Resso APK always takes me through the beats and rhythms of life like my favourite musical guru. This app has amazing features that create ideal music for me. Riso makes it easy to sing along with playing songs. Resso recommended songs according to my taste. With the Resso app, I can easily experience the whole music.

Lyrics quotes

Different amazing quotes are made by lyrics of songs. These specific quotes users can share on different social media platforms. users can also share these quotes in the community.

sharing music:

People can also share their favorite song lyrics, tracks, and playlists with their close friends.
This music app also allows you to share music on another online platform.

Playback in background

When you use another app on the device or screen is off you can continue listening to songs.

Shuffle the songs

 If you have downloaded the Resso premium APK then you can shuffle songs whenever you want. This feature of the Resso app is only available for premium members.

Connecting people all over the globe

One of the fantastic aspects of the Resso premium mod Apk is its ability to bring together people from all corners of the world. It offers a platform where you can interact with individuals who share similar interests in music. Whether it’s leaving reactions or comments on songs you enjoy, there’s plenty of engagement. The diverse range of comments allows for meaningful exchanges of opinions and ideas.

Like Resso Pro APK, you have the opportunity to expand your social network by connecting with like-minded individuals globally. You can suggest different music genres and receive recommendations from others through their comments. This feature not only fosters new friendships but also creates a lively community where users can share their musical liking and discover new tracks.

More users of Resso mod APK from India, Brazil, and Indonesia seem to particularly embrace the app, adding to its international appeal.

Offline enjoyment of songs

In this app, you can enjoy music offline after downloading it on your Android device. People can enjoy music and songs without any internet.

You only know that some songs are unable to be downloaded from this app.

Listen to podcast

You can listen to podcasts of your favorite artists and increase your experience and enjoyment on this app.

Resso community

When you use the RESSO app, you join a community where people can see and recognize each other’s music tastes. If you make your own songs on the app, you can share them, and others can listen, like, comment, and share. You can also survey and add playlists from companion users to your profile.

Native language

Apps are used in daily life and this feature is present. Now you are here, this app is made for an ordinary person who can enjoy music and songs in his native language. So he can choose his favorite songs and listen to maximum music and songs in his language.

Some languages supporting this modified app are as follows.

English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Indonesian, Marathi, Canadian, Bengali, and Malayalam.

Some more languages can be present.

Add- free music

As you know, Resso mod APK is an unofficial modified app; so there are no ads in the music tracks. And you can enjoy songs and music.

Community songs

If you view content provided by a community post and click on the like, comment, and share options you can get maximum points.

Through this process, the community also can share your content quickly.

Top artist page

You can also survey the profile of your favorite artist and get information about the last releases, his music, and other updates on the Resso mod APK app.

Personalized playlist

Modified playlists and suggestions matched to your musical tastes and listening patterns. modified personalized playlists are carefully curated to serve your unique preferences, ensuring a customized musical experience.

Earning by Resso mod apk

The most important feature of this app is how to earn through the Resso music app. This app also allows people to earn points and exchange them in cash. You can easily earn points in the following ways:

Invite friend

You can invite friends on this app by referral code and earn more points. It means that

increased earnings. You can also invite friends in the Resso mod apk community.

After earning these points you can easily exchange them in cash within the app, and then without any trouble you can withdraw from the Resso app.

Free Bonus

You can visit the main page of the Resso app at least once per day and you can get a bonus. Through a bonus, you can get points. Pressing the right or left part of the panel and earning more points.

Daily check-up

If you open this app every day on a daily basis, the Resso mod apk app provides you with many free points for check-ups every day and more than seven continuous days.

How to make money with step by step guide:

The following are ways you can make money.

  • Download and install the Resso app latest version 2023.
  • For Sign-in you need to be given: Your phone number, email address, or Facebook account.
  • Tap on the words “cash/earn cash” and select profile things.y ad-free app.
  • Then it’s process complete
  • Now you can get money from the Resso app after completing the mission.

Withdraw money from the Resso app.

Okay right, we have told you about how to get money in the Resso application above. If you have made money of course you will withdraw from apps, right? How to withdraw your funds from this application steps are below.

  • You will select a profile on the Resso application.
  • Choose one for cash earning.
  • Click only withdraws.
  • Then enter your mobile number.
  • Click on confirm option.

How to use it in banned area?

This app is almost used worldwide with unique features, especially in India, Indonesia, Brazil, and Bangladesh.

On one tap you can enjoy amazing music on this app. We can provide you with a VIP unlocked VPN if you can’t use it in their region. And enjoy this amazing app on your Android phone.

How to use Resso Mod Apk? 

You can get more experience with the Resso mod apk music streaming app. 

First and main step. Download and install on an Android device. On the phone press the Apple icon.

Check your internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data).

device vonect wifi

Start screen

The app displays on the screen after pressing the Resso app icon.

resso apk

Login on device

Login to the Resso app with a Google account, Facebook, or your phone number.

login resso

If you choose an option of a phone number then enter.

What’s your age

Put in your age there.

select age

What kind of music do you like?

Select the category of your favorite music on this app such as Hindi,

Punjabi, English, Marathi, Tamil etc.

resso also supported all languages

Select your favorite artist.

Select at least three of your favorite artists from the given options or skip this step.

20240226 003251

Daily Max

Your music mix is generated based on your performance.

daily max of resso

Resso mod apk player

This player is ready now you can start playing music and enjoying it.

resso mod apk player

Resso user interface (UI)

There are four options available at the bottom.

Search> Press on the search icon to find your favorite music.

For you>This feature displays based on your personal preference.

Play> On the main page of the player some feature options are given such as download, share, comment, and more.

Premium> This app allows you can use all unlocked premium features.

Me> By this option you can explore their library, history, and artist section.

User experience

Most User experiences are correct because users can search and explore everything. everything is located in the correct place on this app.

User experience

You can download it from Google Play Store and iOS Store; This app has some additional features, including daily, monthly, and annual plans. 

The developer made a third-party version of the Resso app which uses premium unlocked features free of cost. You can download an MP3 song and enjoy it offline or online.


The Resso app easily plays on Android phones version 5.0 and up without disturbance. It can play smoothly on iOS version 12.2 or later.

Further are including;

  • Storage
  • Contacts
  • Microphone
  • Camera

If you want to make an account on an app. you can make it easily on the app with Facebook ID. You can also see your account and community members.

Download and Install Resso Mod APK.

Download and Install the latest version of Resso Mod APK:

Resso mod Apk is an unofficial app that is not available on the Google Play Store. we help you to download and install this app for free. Your own risk in installing this app.

  • Press on the download button and install it on an Android device.
  • Then go to SETTINGS > APPS>Unknown Resources>ENABLED
  • Press on allow if any option will appear.

Now you can enjoy your favorite worldwide music and songs.

Download Resso APK for PC

You can also use Resso apk for pc on your PC then you need to download the latest version of Resso mode APK. To download and install the updated Resso app on your PC by these steps:

you can also download Resso for ios


 More installation control.
-> Free premium features.
-> Early access to new features.
->earn money by points.
-> Wide customization options.
-> Access to diverse content
-> Synchronized lyrics with amazing songs.
-> Accessible in unavailable regions.
-> Songs of all genres of music are available.


Bugs problems
-> Potential compatibility
-> Ethical concerns
-> Security risks
-> Not an official app


Moon video Inc

Moon Video Inc. is a developing company of mobile applications. total revenue generated by Moon Video Inc. in 2023. ‘s mobile app exceeded $6000k. maximum revenue came from Android devices.


Resso mod apk is a version of the app, by this version you can enjoy unlimited music without any disturbance.

Yes, the Resso app website provides all the songs and albums of the BTS band.

Because the Resso mod apk is a modified version, you can enjoy music and download free.

Final words

If you are a true fan of listening to amazing music this app is undoubtedly made for you and in contact with any music industry. You can use premium features for free and listen to music and songs in any language.

Download the resso mod apk by the given link , if you want to use premium features. Surely you can enjoy amazing music and art that are present according to your taste both online and offline.